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Graduation Requirements


Students who anticipate graduating from Carver College should examine the following list of requirements for their program.

Carver currently has three majors, Biblical Studies, Psychology and Business with the following degree options:

Biblical Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies 120 credit hours
  • Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies 61.5 credit hours
  • Certificate in Biblical Studies 30 credit hours
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 120 credit hours
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 120 credit hours


Students with a specific ministry or career interest can choose to complete additional courses of study and declare a minor of concentration. Minors are optional. Carver may not always offer minor courses on campus; therefore students are encouraged to take online courses to complete their minor of interest.

Minors Divisional Credit Hours

Christian Education 12 credit hours
Counseling 12 credit hours
Missions 12 credit hours
Pastoral Ministries 12 credit hours
Systematic Theology 12 credit hours
Women’s Ministry 12 credit hours
Practical Training and Evangelism 12 credit hours

Online Courses

Only those who are accepted as students at Carver can take courses online. Carver does not offer programs for which a student can complete their entire degree program online. The College permits a maximum of 30% of the total degree-seeking credits to be completed through online courses. Those students interested in taking online courses should contact the Registrar Office and/or the Academic Dean for more information.

Student Classification

Official class status is determined by the number of semester hours completed at the end of each academic semester of study. Student classification is as follows:

BA in Biblical Studies & Psychology
BS in Business Administration

Freshman 1 – 30 credit hours
Sophomore 31 – 60 credit hours
Junior 61- 90 credit hours
Senior 91 + credit hours

AA in Biblical Studies
Certificate in Biblical Studies

Freshman 1 – 30 credit hours
Sophomore 31 + credit hours

Grading System

Grading System All work produced for a particular course of study is evaluated using the following grading system:




A 90-100 Superior; outstanding mastery of subject
B 80-89 Very good; better than average mastery of subject
C 70-79 Satisfactory; average mastery of subject
D 60-69 Passable; minimum acceptable mastery of subject
F Below 60 Failure; less than minimum acceptable mastery of subject
I   Incomplete
W   Withdrew
WP/F   Withdrew passing/ failing
AU   Audit

Academic Advising

Each student is assigned an academic advisor upon enrollment at Carver. Academic advisors are appointed to guide students in their selection of major and minor courses of study, and to help ensure that students successfully fulfill the requirements of each course by the end of each semester. The staff in the Office of Admissions and the Registrar are also available to counsel students about their chosen program of study.

Student Status

Students enrolled in 12 or more semester hours of credit obtain full-time status. Students who enroll in less than 12 hours are granted part-time status.

Access to Records

All current and former students have the right of access to their educational records in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

Academic Semester

Carver operates by semesters. The Fall semester (August to December) and Spring semester (January to May) are 15 weeks long. The Summer semester (May to June) is one session, for 6 weeks long.

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