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Division of Professional Studies

Frantsner Samedi, Ph.D
Director of Professional Studies


The mission of the Professional Studies Division is to provide theoretical instruction relative to careers that serve the church, community and the world. Through practical training and mentoring by faculty and professional leaders, students are equipped to be professionally competent in one of the seven areas of minor concentration.

Professional Objectives

Students will...

  1. Acquire knowledge of ministry related skills.
  2. Initiate effective communication of the gospel.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to do research in areas of minor concentration.
  4. Understand and develop professional strengths and spiritual gifts.
  5. Develop a biblical philosophy related and applied to one of the seven areas of minor concentration.
  6. Know the principles, processes and methods of effective communication of biblical truths.

Carver offers degree programs in Biblical Studies, Psychology and Business Administration that prepare students to serve in over 150 occupations:

BA Biblical Studies
BA Psychology
BS Business Administration
AA Biblical Studies
Certificate Biblical Studies

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