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Application Procedure

Students wishing to enroll for the Fall semester should submit an application by July 1st, and students wishing to enroll for the Spring semester should submit an application by November 1st. Applicants should follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Request or download application forms and other enrollment information:
  2. Mail to: Admissions Office, Carver College, 3870 Cascade Road SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30331; Phone: (404) 527-4520; Fax: (404) 527-4524
  3. Submit a completed application, supportive materials and a recent photograph to the Admissions Office along with a $35.00 nonrefundable fee to Carver College. This fee applies to all applicants.
  4. Send all high school/previous college transcripts to the Admissions Office by the application deadline.
  5. Expect written notification of the decision of admittance by the notification deadline.

Begin Your Online Application

Registration Process

STEP #1 -See the Director of Admissions or an admissions counselor for course selection.

STEP #2 - Fill out a registration form.

STEP #3 - See the Business Manager to make payments and all other financial arrangements.

STEP #4 - Submit registration form to the Registrar.

STEP #5 - Visit the Carver Bookstore to purchase your textbooks and school supplies

Admissions Deadlines





Application July 1 November 1 April 1
Notification July 8 November 8 April 8
Internal Financial Aid August 8 December 8 May 8

Application Packet

 Click here for Application Packet.

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