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Financial Information

Carver is committed to providing students with a high-quality Christian education at the most affordable cost. As a result, generous financial gifts from individuals and private organizations go toward covering most of the College’s operational outlay, leaving the students to pay for only a small portion of the actual expenses needed to furnish their education.

Tuition & Fees

The schedule of tuition fees is based upon the cost of a student taking a minimum amount of semester hours of course credit - 3 hours - or a maximum amount of semester hours of course credit - 12-18 hours. Fee amounts are also provided for those students who choose to take courses with semester-credit hours totaling between the minimum and maximum allowances.

Fall 2017

Degree Program $415.00 Per Credit Hour
Certificate Program $415.00 Per Credit Hour
Audit $200.00 Per Credit Hour

Spring 2018

Degree Program $415.00 Per Credit Hour
Certificate Program $415.00 Per Credit Hour
Audit $200.00 Per Credit Hour

Summer 2018

Degree Program $415.00 Per Credit Hour
Certificate Program $415.00 Per Credit Hour
Audit $200.00 Per Credit Hour

Fall 2018

Degree Program $440.00 Per Credit Hour
Certificate Program $440.00 Per Credit Hour
Audit $215.00 Per Credit Hour

Administrative Fees

Non-Refundable Fees (Required Each Semester)

Application Fee  $35.00  One-time fee 
Registration Fee  $50.00  Payable at registration 
General Fee  $125.00  Mandatory fee 
Late Registration Fee  $20.00  Incurred for registering after regular registration and before Add/Drop period ends 
CIS Fee  $150.00  Gives students access to online course information, unofficial transcripts, personal and school calendars, reminders, degree audits, file storage, email, etc. 
Add/Drop/Change Fee  $20.00   
Housing Security Deposit  $250.00  Refundable only if student leaves their living space in acceptable conditions 
Single Student Housing Fee  $4,800  Residential students only - includes room & board for Fall and Spring semester 
Single Student Meal Plan  $1,800.00  Residential students only, board for Fall & Spring semester 
Graduation Fee  $100.00  Mandatory fee which includes the program & robe 
Official Transcript Fee  $10.00  First transcript request is FREE; each additional one must be purchased.  
Duplicate Diploma  $10.00  Plus the cost of shipping 

Payment Policy

Tuition, fees and other aforementioned expenses must be paid at the time of registration. All students are required to fulfill all of their financial obligations prior to the start of classes unless enrolled in the Installment Plan. Unpaid balances can result in having semester grades withheld, being denied permission to graduate and denial of transcript requests.

Installment Plan

Students experiencing a financial hardship are allowed to pay a minimum of 50% of their total semester tuition and fees at registration. The remaining balance is payable in two monthly installments: Fall: October 1st and November 1st; Spring: March 1st and April 1st. Any student that does not fulfill their agreed upon installment payments will be excused from class and will be assessed a late fee of $25.

Financial Aid

Carver is committed to providing its students with a high-quality Christian education at an affordable cost. Financial aid is available from federal and state programs for qualified applicants. To determine eligibility, students need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). Applications are available in the Virtual Financial Aid Office. It is important to adhere to the application deadlines, as the processing of qualified awards may sometimes be delayed. Additional financial assistance may be available to qualified students through the generosity of individuals and private organizations.

Refund Policy

Tuition refunds will be credited to the student’s account if the student has any outstanding financial obligations to the College. If no financial obligation exists, the student will be issued a refund check. The Business Manager and/or Financial Aid Officer will contact the student once the refund check becomes available.

Drop/Withdrawal refunds are granted if a student withdraws from the College’s on-campus courses prior to the end of the semester, the following refund policies apply to students’ tuition only:

During the first week Academic Calendar 75%
During the second week Academic Calendar 50%
During the third week Academic Calendar 25%

No refunds will be granted after the third week of the Academic Calendar.

Accreditation And Recognition

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