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Certificate of Biblical Studies

The Certificate of Biblical Studies is a basic course of study that provides students with a survey of the entire Bible and introduces the students to basic Christian doctrine. This program requires 30 credit hours for completion.

Learning Objectives

Students will...

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of the Bible’s content.
  • Acquire skills to rightly divide the Scriptures.
  • Model Christian character.
  • Develop a consistent pattern of evangelism and discipleship.
Breakdown of Credit Hours
Biblical & Theology 30 credit hours
TOTAL 30 credit hours

Cert. in Biblical Studies Track Credit Hours

Fall Semester

1st Year

BIB 101 Bible Study Methods I 3
OTB 101 Old Testament Survey 3
OTB 201 Pentateuch 3
PTE 100 Spiritual Formation 3
THE 201 Bibliology and Theology Proper 3
  Total Credits 15

Spring Semester

1st Year

BIB 102 Bible Study Methods II 3
NTB 101 New Testament Survey 3
NTB 201 Gospel and Acts 3
PTE 101 Evangelism & Discipleship 3
THE 202 Christology, Pneumatology 3
  Total Credits 15

Application Packet

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Accreditation Statement

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