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About Carver College

Like most historically black colleges, Carver College was established to meet the need for an institution of higher learning for those desiring biblical and theological training. Since God opened the doors of the institution in 1943, more than thousands of men and women have graduated. These graduates are serving God around the world in countries like Kenya, Ghana, Jamaica, and of course, the United States.

At Carver College, the Scripture comes alive as God uses Christ-centered faculty members in the development of His servants. Students have the opportunity, through instruction and practical experience to study a wide variety of issues as they develop a Biblical worldview. At Carver, you will be afforded the opportunity to participate in summer missions trips to places like Kenya, South Africa or the Caribbean. 

Our school motto, "Training to Transform," we take seriously our calling to train and equip our students for a lifetime of ministry. The training Carver students receive first transforms their own hearts and then equips them to go train and transform the hearts of others.

If you desire to receive this type of training, Carver is the college for you.

Remember that opportunities of this nature are rare and precious. If they are missed cannot be retrieved. We therefore invite you to make use of the opportunity to become a part of the growing family of Carver College. Here at Carver College you will enjoy a “family” atmosphere, one composed of fellow Christians from all walks of life and various ethnic groups and cultures.


Carver Bible College has five institutional goals that are directly related to the mission of Carver:

  1. Christian Responsibility: Carver inspires students to understand that every Christian has the responsibility to participate in reaching the world for Christ.
  2. Christian Education: Carver educates students in a broad and in-depth knowledge of the Bible and Theology.
  3. Christian Service: Carver equips students with professional skills for serving the church, the community and other related fields.
  4. Christian Perspective: Carver exposes students in general subject areas from a biblical perspective.
  5. Christian Character: Carver encourages the development and lifestyle of mature Christian character.


Carver specializes in equipping tomorrow’s church and para-church leaders for ministry in all areas of life. The goal of the college is to produce graduates who have gained the wisdom and knowledge necessary for living fruitful lives of service, ready to respond to God’s call to minister around the world (Acts 1:8). For more than 74 years, Carver has sought to fulfill its mandate to assist the global church in its commission of world evangelization and discipleship, and in so doing, has produced top-quality servant leaders willing and able to respond to God’s call wherever it may be. From South Africa to Nigeria, Haiti and Jamaica, in both metropolitan and rural areas throughout the United States. Carver students stand ready to serve the Lord in all facets of ministry.

Carver fully prepares its students to serve God in a variety of roles and functions in church and para-church ministries. While the only two disciplines currently offered are in biblical studies and theology, students may earn minors in pastoral studies, Christian education, music, theology, and missions.


Carver College exists to glorify God by educating students to reach the world for Christ by serving the church, the community and the world as biblically minded, professionally competent men and women of character.



Nondiscrimination Policy

Carver allows admittance to all students regardless of their race, color, nationality or ethnic origin, health, age, gender or disability. The College affords each and every student equal rights and privileges, and does not limit to anyone access to any of its facilities or programs of academic study. Carver also does not discriminate in the administration of its educational polices, financial disbursements, or hiring practices.

Accreditation Statement

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