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On June 21, 2018, the College's Board of Trustees voted unanimously to begin the process towards accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

While in this process, our commitment to our educational mission, quality of faculty and staff has not diminished. We are proud of our graduates, their leadership and influence in both ministry and the marketplace.

Institutional Effectiveness

2017-2018 Academic Year

Total Enrollment 71
Number of Graduates 24
Completion Rate 38%
Employment / Placement Rate 100%

General Statistics

Spring 2018 Enrollment 62
Fall 2017 Enrollment 61
Spring 2017 Enrollment 58
Fall 2016 Enrollment 51
Fall 2016 Student/Teacher Ratio 3:1
Fall 2016 Retention Rate 64% FT / 55% PT
Spring 2016 Graduation Rate 53%
2017 Graduate Placement Rate 100%

Campus Public Safety Report

Mission of Public Safety

The mission of the Carver College Police Department is to provide a save environment for the Carver College community through education and crime prevention awareness programs, by promoting an atmosphere of security in an around the campus, and supporting a culturally diverse atmosphere for all employees, students visitors. This mission would not be complete without the full support of Carver College. The Carver College Police Department works closely with other College Departments, including Office of the President, Vice President of Business and Dean of Students.

2017 Campus Public Safety Report
2016 Campus Public Safety Report
2015 Campus Public Safety Report
2014 Campus Public Safety Report


Accreditation And Recognition

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