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President's Greeting

Dear Prospective Student:

Like most historically black colleges, Carver College was established to meet the need for an institution of higher learning for African Americans desiring biblical and theological training. Since God opened the doors of the institution in 1943, thousands have graduated. These graduates are serving God in countries around the world including Kenya, Ghana, Jamaica, Brazil, South Africa and of course, the United States.

At Carver, the Scriptures come alive as God uses Spirit-filled faculty members in the development of His servants. Students have the opportunity, through instruction and practical experience, to think through a wide variety of issues as they develop a “biblical worldview.” At Carver, you will have opportunities to participate in summer missions trips to places like Kenya and South Africa, or to take the gospel to urban Atlanta. In adherence to our college’s motto, “Training to Transform,” the training Carver College students receive first transforms their own hearts, and prepares them to go train and transform the hearts of others. If you desire to receive this type of training, Carver is the place for you.

Opportunities of this nature are rare and precious. We therefore invite you to become a part of the growing family of Carver College. Here at Carver you will enjoy a “family” atmosphere -- one composed of fellow Christians from all walks of life and various ethnic groups and cultures.

This site is designed to assist you as you consider the role a formal bible college education at Carver can play in both your personal and professional development and in your preparation for a fruitful career in ministry or the marketplace.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Training to Transform,

Robert W. Crummie

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